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Humanist Homeschooling

Freethinking homeschool community
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This community was created with the hope that there are other LiveJournal users who are homeschooling or unschooling their kids, and who do so from a secular, humanist, atheist, agnostic or otherwise free-thinking or progressive perspective. According to homeschoolers' portrayal in the media, the vast majority of homeschoolers choose to educate at home for conservative, religious reasons - to counteract public schools' secular perspective, for instance. Having run into a number of families for whom this isn't true and whom the traditional communities don't serve very well, I (urlgirl) hope to help a little. I hope you join me.

I envision a space where families have arrived at homeschooling for a variety of reasons other than religion. Examples might be: a need to travel outside the reaches of institutional schooling; a need for an freer-thinking, more flexible, more enriching and mindful lifestyle; a recognition that institutional "socialization" is quite possibly detrimental to learning, and more. Those are some of my reasons. What are yours?

My hope is that this community can become a safe but dynamic, thoughtful, helpful, social forum for exchanging ideas, news, advice, for making friends and fostering connections among parents. I hope that conversation will be free-thinking but civil. Speak your mind, but be respectful. If you must argue, argue your opponent's idea and not your opponent's person. If you are a homeschooled child, you're welcome to join us as well, although I'd like to hear why, first, or how you found this community or what you hope to gain from it. I'm looking for a certain level of maturity, that's all, no need to worry.