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Humanist Homeschooling
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16th-Mar-2007 10:34 am(no subject)

hi, im jes, im 25, married, and have a 5yo daughter.
my husband is in the marine corps, and im a sahm.
i homeschool. we eat mostly organic.
i suppose i practice ap. though i havnt read up on it since andi's infancy, so i dont really have a label for my beliefs/practices.

we are agnostic. and i try to teach my daughter understanding and diversity.

we live in a really small area. where the afformentioned < understanding and diversity > are incredibly hard to come by.

i do somewhat freelance portraiture, along with arts and crafts, and babysit a friends child to contribute to our funds.

me and my daughter are in the icon.
if i left anything out please let me know. and ill fix. or answer questions.
i look forward to getting to know everyone.

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12th-Oct-2006 06:26 pm - I thought this was amusing
Bingo the clowno


"FREDERIC, WIS. - As a local businessman, volunteer firefighter and dad of two,
Lee Jensen seemed like an easy choice for this small Polk County town's school
board. But he's also a dad who has home-schooled his kids for a decade.

"I don't think that he has the best interests of the students in our school
district in mind," said Colleen Geisen, who intends to run for a seat on the
board. "I think he's maybe on the board for other reasons. I think he's
concerned about morals and values in the public school system."
(are they trying to say this guy is a fundie nut with an

The upset in Frederic is all the more unusual because another
home-schooling parent served on the board a few years ago
. Shelley Tougas,
spokeswoman for the Minnesota School Boards Association, said having home-school
parents on school boards doesn't raise red flags with her organization. It's
no different than having board members who don't have children
, she said.

One cause of concern about the schools: loss of revenue from the children
whose parents have chosen to educate them at home. Each of those children would
be worth an estimated $5,800 in state aid if they were enrolled in public

"That's revenue we lose," Geisen said. "That's part of why we're so broke."
(I was wondering when this would come up.  In the
future I believe we're going to get a lot more flack from the government because
of the almighty dollar and frankly, I'm shocked it hasn't come up more often. 
Like how un-American we are because we don't support our local schools.)  

"I don't want him to be making decisions on my kids when he's not sending his
kids there," she said.
(But why should that matter if people with NO KIDS can
take the job?)

Jensen, an electrician, said he and his wife, Wendy, home school their kids
-- Sara, 16, and Andrew, 13 -- for a number of reasons, some of which are
(HA!  It was a smokescreen!  He's a fundie nut
and the sheeple were allowed to pipe in with their anti-homeschool sentiment to
give it all an air of legitamacy.  Hell, why not just say, "This guy's a
fundie NUT and we want our kids to understand science and evolution and not be
pressured into prayer groups and other fundie nut whacko ideas!"  But
that's why no one lets me go near a microphone...)
8th-Oct-2006 08:17 pm - "... let us know you're here!"
Bingo the clowno
Atheist, been homeschooling for 6 years now.
Why? Because we live in FLORIDA and NO, we do NOT unschool. We do it for educational reasons.
17th-Sep-2006 03:37 pm - FREE Book
I am a freethinker and proponent of homeschooling. I recently resigned from the school system which is definetly not into freethinking. I even once sung Robert Ingersoll songs to the kids. I wrote a book about the evils of the school system. The book in PDF form is free. Just give me your email address.
26th-Aug-2006 09:19 am - Newbie
My husband and I are considering homeschooling our daughter, who will be four on Tuesday. We're Unitarians, and while we would like for our daughter to learn about various religions, we don't want to use a religious curriculum. I'd appreciate any advice you all can give on secular curricula. If we go with this--and we just started thinking about it a few days ago, so I'm both excited and panicked--it won't be for a while. We're working on phonics and such at home, but Hannah will be going to pre-K this year while we try to pay down debt and save some money.

I'd appreciate any advice you all can give.
26th-May-2006 07:12 pm(no subject)

Found your LJ by searching "unschooling" on the interests list.

We are a liberal non-church-attending family homeschooling in the middle of the bible belt. It's always nice to talk to others who are doing this for reasons other than keeping their kids
from hearing that the earth is round LOL!
... let us know you're here! Try telling us where you're from and what homeschooling is like, in your community.
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